Friday, April 11, 2014

long time no blog

sawasdee khrap................... so, I've been in Thailand for about a solid year now, spent 6 months between 2012/13, went back a few months, then returned last April.  I have been studying Thai language and culture, with an eye toward getting in the tourism and hospitality business when I return to the USA.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Zombelina,-or- Thumbelina ate my brain

So, having embraced my inner Bond villain, I spend my time directing community theater instead of blogging. Much more evil, and you get to experience the audience's response in real time, instead of in your imagination. One of our mottoes :"Fuck the power of the imagination". And by that we mean: "modern sproglets have disgusting imaginations, so lets leave as little to it as possible". Subsequently, one is faced with a mountain of tech to build. Costumes to sew, puppets to make, and all kinds of props to build. Having talented evil assistants makes it all so much more fun! More on my unholy proteges later............................... pictured are the beautiful and talented Melissa as Thumbelina, and the talented and beautiful Alan as the Fairy King.
At the show's opening performance last Saturday, a small boy was presented to Melissa by his mum, requesting a hug from "dreamy Thumbelina". I swear I saw his psyche imprint her as his feminine ideal.
My evil plans are subtle, and take a while to develop. I think I may need a cryogenic chamber if I plan to enjoy the fruits of my evil labors.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bond Villain in Progress

The "community theater" thing is really starting to pay off. I've got a pair of mysterious talented women as assistants--J and L-- and they really help reinforce the whole evil genius vibe I've been working. I'm thinking about enrolling L in a bodyguard school, and J has already made herself indispensable as my personal assistant. I hardly even have to scheme and plot anymore. I just sign off on their ideas. So much free time now! Maybe I'll join an evil book club.............

I was going to spare you the sight of my blasphemous creations, but Kurt insisted. Despair!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

tra la la

So, now I'm directing Thumbellina, but with a feminist twist at the denouement. We are making puppets to both help reinforce the whole "tiny" idea, and also to distract the sproglets during scene changes. This fishy is just the first of a school---three that size, and three smaller, making a school of bright bobbing distractions. No, you may not call your new band bright bobbing distractions.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hansel and Gretel Ate My Brain

Also, a really icky sinus infection from being out in the wind and allergens all weekend. It must be some karmic retribution from making the cast sleep in unheated kennels, or something.
The show's producer is quite happy with my work, and wants to find funding to pay me with for future projects. Additionally, she seems to think my wee penchant for brutality would be more appropriate to Grande Guinol type productions. She's right---Grim's Tales give me the willies.
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